The sweet finish with a strange beginning

Dessert wines are perfectly matched with cheese

In the Margaret River wine region, a popular style of wine that features botrytis is known as cane cut, named after the technique of cutting the fruiting canes and leaving them to hang while the sweetness and flavour of the berries concentrates. Cane cut wines can be made from many different varietals and is a labour of love for many winemakers. The resulting mini-sized bottles of joy are a delicious finale to special dinners or cheese platters and are likely to cellar very well. Securing a few of Margaret River’s ‘noble stickies’ is a great investment, either to drink now or save for a rainy day.

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Why do winemakers use oak?

An oaked (or wooded) wine may be an acquired taste, but is a highly prized flavour for many wine lovers. Oak barrel fermentation adds a range of flavours to wine including vanilla, cloves, butter, popcorn, toast, spice and char. Oak also provides complexity to a wine’s aroma and taste. The porous nature of oak allows…

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50 Years Young

history of Margaret River wine region

Farewell 2017 – the year we celebrated 50 years of commercial winemaking in Margaret River. As we await the ripening, picking and pressing of the 2018 vintage in the Margaret River Wine Region, I thought it might be of interest to reflect on the history of the region so far. In 2017 Vasse Felix celebrated…

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