10 out of 10 tour

April 29, 2023
Winery Tour Group Leeuwin Estate Margaret River

We are proud to announce that Margaret River Tours has once again successfully completed the documentation and procedures to meet the Australian Tourism Accreditation Standards. In addition, we have been awarded a travellers rating of “10.0 Exceptional” by the Tourism Council of Western Australia. We pride ourselves on running a tight ship at Margaret River…

Award winning wine tour in Margaret River

January 14, 2023
Best Wine Tour in Margaret River - Award winning tour

Margaret River Tours voted number one – Award Winning Wine Tour of Margaret River. The Tourism Council of Western Australia recently announced their exclusive selection of the Top 10 Margaret River Tours. Adam and the team at Margaret River Tours are proud to receive this prestigious award which has been bestowed on them. After more…

Terroir – the soil and toil of Margaret River Wines

November 28, 2022
An example of an east facing sloped vineyard at the north end of the Dunsborough Fault Line in the Margaret River wine region

Terroir (pronounced Tare-Warh), and it’s influence on the flavour of wine is an easily misunderstood and somewhat mysterious word that refers to the uniquely identifiable tastes of a place. For example, wines made in the Margaret River wine region, particularly those made from a single variety, without blending, may display identifiable characteristics of the exact…

The sweet finish with a strange beginning

May 24, 2021
Dessert wines are perfectly matched with cheese

In the Margaret River wine region, a popular style of wine that features botrytis is known as cane cut, named after the technique of cutting the fruiting canes and leaving them to hang while the sweetness and flavour of the berries concentrates. Cane cut wines can be made from many different varietals and is a labour of love for many winemakers. The resulting mini-sized bottles of joy are a delicious finale to special dinners or cheese platters and are likely to cellar very well. Securing a few of Margaret River’s ‘noble stickies’ is a great investment, either to drink now or save for a rainy day.

Where to Eat in Margaret River

April 16, 2021
Where to eat out in Margaret River

Where to eat in Margaret River

What happened to Margaret River wine tours in 2020?

January 7, 2021
Original and best Margaret River Tours 2022

Here we are in the first week of 2021 and the team at Margaret River Tours has been operating in what is nothing less than a changed wine tasting landscape, thanks to the pandemic mayhem of 2020. We would like to say we have been up and running for a few months, but we think…

Why do winemakers use oak?

September 19, 2020
Winery Tour Group Leeuwin Estate Margaret River

An oaked (or wooded) wine may be an acquired taste, but is a highly prized flavour for many wine lovers. Oak barrel fermentation adds a range of flavours to wine including vanilla, cloves, butter, popcorn, toast, spice and char. Oak also provides complexity to a wine’s aroma and taste. The porous nature of oak allows…

Halliday’s outstanding 2019 reviews of our partners

November 22, 2018
Vasse Felix visits are available for private charters

Margaret River Tours are very proud of our partnerships with some of the Margaret River Wine Region’s most popular wineries. The latest James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion 2019 has awarded many of our partners with glowing reviews for their top tier wines. The Halliday Wine Companion is widely regarded as the industry benchmark and his…

Top choice in Margaret River

April 14, 2018
Wine Glasses Being Served From A Tray

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Rosé style in focus

February 7, 2018
Rose is a pink drink for everyone

Rosé is not a variety of wine, but rather a style of wine. So what is a rosé style wine it and how is it made? Rosé is produced from red grape varieties and made in the same way as red wine, but with less grape skin contact. Rosé can be made in various ways,…

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